KC BBQ Road Trip!

If you REALLY love barbeque, then we hope you'll join us on our continuous BBQ Road Trips as we set out to try every single joint in the KC metro area!

We'll lay out a roadmap of the joints we want to visit by quarter for the year, then over time, set and publish our road trip dates and the joints we'll hit on that day.

Follow along as we code and build our tracker below, already a work in progress, and let us know if you have any questions or ideas!

Looking forward to our road trips and eating LOTS of barbeque!

Darren Shafer

Fire Canyon Barbeque

BBQ Road Trip Guide

FCB Kansas City Ribs (aka St. Louis Ribs)


Kansas City


 Please note, this table will have limited functionality and broken links while in development.  I work on it daily now, so watch it improve over time! - Darren 

Our BBQ Road Trip table is sorted by Quarter, Next Trip then Joint Name. Select filters to drill down and click the Reset button to start over. On table rows, click Joint Name, Quarter or Next Trip links to drill into pages of related information.


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