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Craft Barbeque Experience

Fire Canyon Barbeque will be providing you with our "Craft Barbeque Experience" on Saturdays and Sundays only, from 11am  to 3pm. Fresh from the smoker and a nice rest, this will typically include core menu items like brisket, burnt ends, beef short ribs, pulled pork and pork ribs in various forms, then we'll rotate in our other favorites on occasion, like chicken, turkey, salmon and pork belly burnt ends.


Darren Shafer, Owner/Pitmaster will greet you at the brisket slicing station to start your order, then you'll select your other craft meats and sides. At 3pm, we'll switch over to our Happy Hour and Dinner Menus with traditional seating and service from our hosts and wait staff.

To make things even more interesting and fully embrace the true meaning of Kansas City Barbecue, meats like bison, goat, lamb, mutton, kangaroo, gator and wild boar will grace our menus from time to time. For special events and occasions, we'll also be smoking whole hogs and putting on fish fries, chicken fries, turkey fries and crawfish boils.

Kansas City Barbeque isn't defined by a single meat, sauce or side - it's a lifestyle.

Our Craft Barbeque Experience Menu will be published soon!

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