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Smoke n Seoul

7260 W 135th St, Overland Park, KS 66223, USA



Kansas City get ready for your new food obsession! Our vision is to serve you food that perfectly marries two cultures, combining two worlds of flavors to create something you just can’t stop thinking about.

We're not your traditional BBQ restaurant but we have worked hard to make sure our meat stands up to the high standards that have been set here in Kansas City.

We believe food is culture and we take that seriously. Introducing Korean flavors to the public is not just about taste, it's about introducing Korean culture at its most basic level as well.

For the KC natives, we've got the tender, smoky meat that we all love so dearly, with some bold Korean flavors in there that'll stretch you just the right amount. For those already familiar with Korean food, we promise you haven't had it like this!

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Smoke n Seoul

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