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Fire Canyon Barbeque

Kansas City Metropolitan Area, USA



​Fire Canyon Barbeque - Built from the ground up by Owner/Pitmaster Darren Shafer and his very patient wife Bridget, to satisfy meat tooth cravings for the high quality, slow smoked barbeque he grew up eating at the best joints in Kansas City and around the country.

IT/Business Consultant by day and stick-burning, pigtail-wielding Pitmaster and Grill Master nights & weekends, Darren is an active KCBS (Kansas City Barbeque Society) member, certified KCBS judge and RMBBQA (Rocky Mountain Barbeque Association) member who has studiously and meticulously worked to learn the art and science of competition level barbeque, then blend it with his own rustic sense for food seasoned with fire and smoke.

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Fire Canyon Barbeque

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