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Harp Barbecue

6633 Raytown Rd, Raytown, MO 64133, USA


We’ve been all across the US to discover good barbecue and how it’s made. In our findings, we not only made some pretty awesome friends, but we’ve also been able to bring the best barbecue to Kansas City. While we’re always willing to try something new, we always stick to our roots: fire and fresh meat. Come visit us in Raytown, Missouri and see what we’re all about.

Barbecue is about time, patience, passion and dedication. We’ve got all of those things. We strive every week to bring the best barbecue to Kansas City. No fancy ovens, just one 1000-gallon offset that we are proud of. We use real wood for fire and serve meats fresh.

We serve honest barbecue that brings people together the way only barbecue truly can.

-Tyler Harp

Open Wednesday-Saturday 11am-6pm (or until sold out!)

Pictures are

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Harp Barbecue

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