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Our current dinner menu features some of our most popular meats and sides like brisket, pulled pork, Italian sausage, jalapeno cheddar sausage and turkey. Then we'll supplement these with a variety of other tasty items that we rotate as "Blues Plate Specials" after 4pm, like spare ribs on Wednesday, pork belly burnt ends Thursday, chicken thighs on Fridays. We're also working toward rotating salmon and beef short ribs into the menu soon! Our standard sides include baked beans, cheesy corn, green beans, green apple & pear coleslaw, and creamy red potato salad, with smoked gouda mac & cheese coming soon!

Although our current menu is still somewhat basic, it is by design, so that our pitmasters, cooks and servers can learn and practice the core recipes and get them down before we add more options that could overcomplicate processes and impact quality or service. Meanwhile, they're also learning and practicing the recipes for our expanded menu, which we'll gradually roll out as  the dishes are perfected. Our expanded menu will include many new and exciting ways to enjoy smoked meats and vegetables, and seek to highlight the versatility of Kansas City Barbeque, which is often indignantly characterized by misinformed outsiders with the stereotype "drenched in sweet, sticky sauce used to cover up poorly cooked meat."

One of our goals at Fire Canyon Barbeque is to help set the record straight. Along with the more commonly smoked meats, we'll fully embrace the true meaning of Kansas City Barbecue by gracing our menus with bison, goat, lamb, mutton, gator, kangaroo and wild boar from time to time, along with new and exciting sides and sandwiches. For special events and occasions, we'll also be smoking whole hogs and celebrating with fish fries, chicken fries, turkey fries and crawfish boils!

Kansas City Barbeque isn't defined by a single meat, sauce or side; Kansas City Barbeque is a lifestyle.

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