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Full Service | Drop-Off | Pick-Up

1 to 300 Guests

Custom orders for parties, ball games, weddings, graduations, birthdays or any occasion from 1 to 300 guests are accepted with only a 2 week advance notice.  Small orders for 15 or fewer people can often be accommodated with as little as 24 hours - just call, email or message us and ask!

300+ Guests

Events with more than 300 guests require a little more lead time to prepare for.  Please don't hesitate to call and discuss the details of your event and we will do everything we can to help make it a success!

"Built to share a passion for food seasoned with fire and smoke."

We've Got You!

Brisket, pulled pork, pork ribs, chicken and sausage round out our core offerings and we put the same passion and attention to detail into our our specialty meats such as short ribs, beef back ribs, ham, turkey, lamb/mutton, goat and bison. A wide variety of traditional and non-traditional sides commonly associated with barbeque fare are also available for a complete immersion into our modern rustic barbeque experience!

Fire Canyon Barbeque's mouth watering, oak-smoked meats and delicious sides are currently available through catering services, delivery, pick-up, and our Mobile Hunger Suppression Vehicle (our food truck, aka "Badass").

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