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Back Porch Bar-B-Q

1620 SE Blue Pkwy, Lee's Summit, MO 64063, USA



A place that feels like home. Primarily take out with great customer service, great food, and great prices. You will love Back Porch Bar-B-Q. Your home away from home.

It all started on our Back Porch. Sun, rain, sleet, or snow if we wanted BBQ growing up Tim Sr would fire up that grill. It could be 2 A.M. and he would go start that grill up, and we would just watch him work magic on that Back Porch. Our family always wanted to open a restaurant to share our Back Porch experience. it finally happened Feb.13 2015, and now we welcome you to come be part of the family and enjoy some Back Porch Bar-B-Q. Everything is cooked with love, and you will enjoy your new home away from home.

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Back Porch Bar-B-Q

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