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Taste of Texas BBQ

4860 Chambers Rd #176, Denver, CO 80239, USA


(720) 233-4591

We specialize in Texas style BBQ. Our meats are smoked low and slow with charcoal and wood, mesquite wood, that is! Our sides are seasoned and cooked with a Southern flair. All of our food is prepared with love.

Established in 2001.

BMW Catering LLC started with the coming together of 2 hearts with a passion for cooking and serving people. Taste of Texas BBQ, a subsidiary of BMW, was started because of customer requests for BBQ only. We joined the food truck community in 2012. We enjoy being mobile, catering and vending at events all over Colorado and other States. We are looking foward to taking our show on the road.

Meet the Business Owner
Business owner information
Bruce and May W.

Business Owner
Bruce grew up around BBQ. His parents had 2 restaurants in Texas and 1 in Colorado. Bruce learned his smoking skills from his father. 40 years of practice has perfected his skills as a Pit-master. May's parents are a retired nutritionist and USDA Meat Grader. May taught secondary Food and Nutrition for 30 years in DPS. Bruce & May started catering 16 years ago, because of their passion for cooking and love for people. Starting the food truck in 2012, gives them the opportunity to share their love for cooking and life with a larger number of people.

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Food Trailer


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Taste of Texas BBQ

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