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Slap's BBQ

553 Central Ave, Kansas City, KS 66101, USA



Slap’s BBQ (Squeal Like a Pig) opened in June of 2014 and started with just a few hundred pounds of meat. After running out within a few hours, we knew Slap’s was going to be a major success.

As the weeks went on, we added more and more meat to the daily production finally reaching our capacity and comfort level a couple months after opening. We sell out every day because we are committed cooking fresh and putting the best BBQ on the plate we can.

Slap’s BBQ is one of very few restaurants in the City that is actively competing on the KCBS circuit throughout the year. On average we compete in 25-35 contests each season. We do this to stay sharp, relevant, and because we love it.

Try our famous ribs and burnt ends that always run out within our first hour, or our imported Texas sausage to get a mouthful of amazing flavor.

Although we try to serve as many customers as possible, we’re only open until we run out daily so be sure to get here early!

For finger lickin’ goodness, we’ll see you at Slap’s!

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Slap's BBQ

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