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Rocky Mountain BBQ


We specialize in corporate lunches, private parties, weddings, special events and catering. Check out our schedule on Facebook or our on website ( to find the current location of our truck. The address will be listed for all public events. We usually offer the full menu posted on our website at our regular locations. Then, a more limited menu for higher volume events to expedite serving times. However, we can customize a menu for any occasion. Some of more popular meat options are our sliced brisket sandwich (or by the pound), 1/3 lb garlic/jalapeño sausage, baby back ribs and smoked chicken thighs. We also offer a variety of other BBQ specialties. Our number one seller in 2016 were our brisket tacos, but our sliced brisket has surpassed them every other year. Other unique favorites are our todd’s tots, pulled pork quesadilla and cheese curds with homemade jalapeño ranch. We offer meat loaded salads for those who are more heath conscious and want some greens and we even have vegetarian options for those that are just not into meat. All of our food is gluten free, minus the buns and tortillas of course. Since we make everything from scratch, we are able to inform anyone of all the ingredients used to prevent any food allergies. We definitely have an amazing option for everyone! Come try it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

Established in 2014.
We are a locally owned and operated food truck in Colorado Springs. We moved here in 2012 from Texas to get out of the heat. At the time, we were caring for my husband's Grandmother who was 93 and had dementia. Due to the fact that we were bound to the house, our only outlet was to smoke meat and make sides. We would invite the neighbors over for a BBQ for some adult interaction. After she passed, we both agreed we were not going back to our prior professions. Our neighbors were encouraging us to do BBQ professionally, so we decided to make a go of it. We opened the truck in 2014 with a year of catering prior to it. We have put our hearts and souls into our food quality and customer service since we opened, which has allowed us to maintain 5 star reviews on almost every site. We are very thankful for the support that this community has shown us and are looking forward to continuing to provide amazing Texas BBQ to the folks here in Colorado Springs.

Meet the Business Owner
Katie D.

Business Owner
We started smoking meat because we were unable to leave the house while caring for my husbands 93 year old grandmother. After her passing, my husband and I decided we didn’t want to back to the corporate world. We decided to try and take our skills to a professional level, so we decided to start a food truck.

It has been great so far and we love being able to bring amazing bbq to the people of Colorado Springs.

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Rocky Mountain BBQ

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