Jonathan's Gourmet "Wood Fire" Grill

2111 E Crossroads Ln, Olathe, KS 66062, USA



At Jonathans we only use the highest quality wood for grilling and smoking. mesquite, oak, maple, pecan, hickory, cherry and apple. Meat cooked on a wood fire grill tastes differently than food cooked any other way.. The flavors from searing and caramelization are captured and developed in the cooking process whether in fast grilling or slow roasting in a wood-fired grill. The food’s moisture is held inside and released at the end because the taste of the wood leaches into the food while it is being cooked. The way that this happens is that when the wood is burned, it releases energy and particles of wood. When that air from the fire reaches the cooking food, it adds additional flavors to the food. Wood flavor affects the food’s taste due to the science of cooking.

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Jonathan's Gourmet "Wood Fire" Grill

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